Coming Soon..?

I know, I know. I keep apologizing, but truthfully it is because I do feel bad about not being on here and active. I loved my Tuesday/Thursday schedule, and it was nice and easy to remember. But fear not, as I’m soon closing out my second week at my new place of employment and I am starting to feel ever so slightly more “settled.” Ish. At least to a point where I feel like I can think outside of work again. This weekend my goal is to get at least one decent post out, one that is more than an apology or an MIA-style. I have a few things I want to write about, which feels good to have that drive again.

So I guess what I’m saying is thank you for your continued patience as I fight the mental health fight and continue to adjust to a new job, a new environment, and a new schedule. Stay tuned, friends. ♥

Quick Update

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I know this community is amazing and does not require an apology, but as I’d just gotten a schedule down, it’s difficult for me not to be continuous in this. I’ve just finished my first week this past week (mostly training), so hopefully as things start to feel more “normal” I can get back to my regular schedule. I hope you be back to regular content for you all soon. 💜

After Goodbye

After Goodbye

My apologies for the lack of consistency that may be coming, that has already started to prove difficult with my lack of post Thursday; I just wanted to say that in advance. I know that my blogging community here is very kind and patient, and luckily in our “niche” or mental illness, we all understand that sometimes stuff just comes up that throws us off our tracks. Today for #TalkativeTuesday I wanted to go in depth for someone with C-PTSD, which makes creating attachments difficult, who just had a hard time leaving a job. This feeling is so new for me, so I thought I’d share my experience…

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No New Post Today

As I’ve mentioned- I’m in the last week at my current job and next week will be starting a new one. This past week I’ve been spending my time writing a few goodbye letters, so unfortunately Therapeutic Thursday will have to take a brief recess today and pick up next week. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


So You Know

So You Know

Soooooo no one corrected my sleepy self yesterday when I thought it was Talkative Tuesday time, so we get a bonus post for the week! My apologies- things have been very hectic for me lately, as I mentioned yesterday I have accepted a new job and this is my last week at my current job, so I’ve been a little off. Today since it came out, I’ll just do a quick S.Y.K. That’s why today’s post is also a bit late today.

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When “Goodbye” is too hard

When “Goodbye” is too hard

Hello, blogger friends, and welcome to today’s Talkative Tuesday. While all of my blogs are “personal” in terms of my talking about my mental illness struggles, my stories of my past, and all of the things I have been through; today’s post is going to be a different kind of personal. Today I’m going to talk a little about my prior jobs, and why saying goodbye then was easy, and why now it has become so much more.

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