Soooooo no one corrected my sleepy self yesterday when I thought it was Talkative Tuesday time, so we get a bonus post for the week! My apologies- things have been very hectic for me lately, as I mentioned yesterday I have accepted a new job and this is my last week at my current job, so I’ve been a little off. Today since it came out, I’ll just do a quick S.Y.K. That’s why today’s post is also a bit late today.

It’s that time again for So You Know (SYK) over on Revenge of Eve. I also wanted to give quick shout-out’s fora couple of my favorites- Mental Health @ Home’s and Megan (Be Alright)’s SYK’s as well! Check them out 🙂

This week’s questions are:

  1. Do you see a therapist? If so, how does doing so influence your life?
  2. What is your favorite part of adulthood? Your least favorite (besides bills)?
  3. Are the government officials of your country trustworthy?
  4. How important, scale of 1-10, are leprechauns in the evolution of humans? 1-of least importance 10-required

My answers:

  1. I did see a therapist for the better part of 5 years (I think?). After I lost my grandpa back in 2012, I realized that I was not dealing with the grief at all and it was beginning to consume me. At the time I’d never received proper treatment (or a proper diagnosis) for the anxiety & depression, so that was just a fringe benefit to getting help for managing my grief. She helped me in a lot of ways, though oddly most of it came after I stopped seeing her, but she did set me up for a lot of success on my own.
  2. My favorite and least favorite thing about being an adult is sort of a double-edge sword. The answer for both, in a way, is independence. While I absolutely love being able to do whatever I want and whenever, if I want to pretend I don’t exist for a day and sit on the couch in my jammies watching TV, I can. If I want to go out at 2AM (though I never do), I can. Mostly I just work and then go home and immediately change in to PJs and watch TV until I’m ready to go to bed. But on the other side of that, I don’t like cooking for one or grocery shopping (or most shopping, thanks anxiety). I used to cook a lot when I lived at home, as we at times had 6 people at the dinner table. But cooking for 1, either I’m eating the same lunch & dinner all week, or I’m cooking small bits at a time… either way, not as fun. Plus, I do really miss having a parent (or parents, I should say) doing the grocery shopping for the house. My favorite grocery store is kind of a big nightmare in terms of size and popularity.
  3. Are they trustworthy? Um… I don’t think so, but then again I unfortunately am a little way too outcasted from “current events” as I don’t watch the news or any live TV. My dad used to be my news source and quiz/inform me on all the goings-on in the world, but now that we no longer have our 6AM Tuesday breakfast, I’m very far gone in terms of current events. I know the Oompa-Loompa in office is not one I’d ever trust as far as I could throw (and my arms are weak AF), but sometimes when I see some of the decision that men are making around the country for women’s reproductive rights, I find it extremely unsettling as last I checked, they don’t have a uterus and cannot carry a baby themselves, so why are they so worried about us… but that’s just me. I don’t really like to talk politics, as I feel like people get angry very quickly and there are way too many hot-button issues that set people off.
  4. I’m just going to skip this one as I don’t believe in leprechauns. So there’s that.

I hope you all enjoyed my double-posting Monday/Tuesday, I should be back to normal… eventually, ha ha. I am going to do my best to get as many pre-scheduled posts as I can while I’m in the transition from the old job to the new and getting settled, but if I’m a bit irregular or make another accidental Talkative Tuesday on Monday, I hope you understand why and the chaos that I’m feeling lately. If you do your own SYK, feel free to leave your link or answers below! I love reading people’s responses to these!

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3 thoughts on “So You Know

    1. Any time! And right?! I follow a former Vine star & Youtuber Jen Dent, and she’s been posting about some of the Ohio stuff with ectopic pregnancies being moved into the uterus so it’s not an abortion.. there’s just too much. If you are not a woman, I find it so wrong for you to make a choice FOR one.

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