I talked a little bit in Anxiety Side Effects about the fact that there are pros & cons to having an anxiety disorder. Today I’d like to talk about organization and go a bit more in depth about how I use my anxiety to my advantage when it comes to organization and scheduling in a professional setting.

As I’ve mentioned a few times I just recently started a new job. In this job, it feels like a much more “rigid” schedule than my previous job. With this job I have certain days of the week where I have to get certain things done, as well as meetings and other events that I am scheduled for.

With near constant anxiety, my primary concern for most of this is forgetting one of these meetings or weekly tasks I have to do. So, I decided to call anxiety into action and use it to my advantage. Here’s a few ways I’ve been using it:

  • Technology – Email: I have multiple alerts for various things. In my work email, I use the calendar to schedule everything. Anything that comes about weekly, I have set up a reoccurring alert for said event. Any meetings, luckily, are usually scheduled through an email calendar invite, so I can accept it right to my calendar.
  • Technology – Phone: I primarily use my personal phone for alarms that I need. For any daily task that needs to be done (which is only really something for me, but work related), I have a Monday-Friday alarm in my phone to remind myself.
  • Notes – I keep a work and personal “Notebook of Chaos” so that as I’m doing anything that I feel I want or need a quick note on, I have paper right near by. Post-Its are also my best friends – especially those of the neon variety. I tend to use these as my references for whenever I add them to my technology or reconfigure them in a more structured note outline.
  • Crafty – this is the one where I get to have a lot more fun with. I made both a weekly and monthly schedule/calendar for myself. I got neon lined paper (a while back 90% off from a local drug store), a few 8×10 frames from my local dollar store and some dry-erase markers (again, from my dollar store). I had leftover letter stickers from my brief dip into the scrapbook world, so I used those as well. On one, I split for the weekdays (Mon-Fri) and AM & PM, the other more like a monthly calendar. 7 days a week, 6 weeks. I labeled each of the papers with the days of the week and then put them into the frames, then had my own “whiteboard schedules.”

For my anxiety, because I now have things in at least two (if not more) places, one being visual on my desk, it helps soothe the anxiety. I love having the fun & crafty schedules so not only does it visually soothe my anxiety in that I can see my weekly “reminders” as well as anything else I have going on in the month, it was also fun and anxiety-reducing to create them.

Technology is always helpful- though I love having the back-ups of the physical copies as well. But these are just a few tips & tricks on how I use anxiety to help me stay organized.

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